German Conversation Course

Tired of explaining that you “understand some German” but are “afraid of speaking” it? The only way to start speaking a foreign language is to… start speaking it! All you need is a really small group and an engaged and engaging teacher. Book your lesson today and start speaking!

Why take a German Conversation Course?

Our German Conversation Course will help you improve your speaking abilities by giving you as many opportunities to practice as possible. Instead of discussing grammar problems, we get you to speak grammatically! Instead of stressing you out, we help you build confidence to express yourself in German! Practicing speaking in a small group (of up to 7 people) and a friendly atmosphere will make it a lot easier to hold real life conversations.

Is this German course for me?

This course is right for you if you…

  • like effective communication-based methods

  • can regularly practice your German speaking skills

How much German will I learn?

The focus of this course is speaking. You’ll learn how to…

  • discuss different topics (politics, arts, sports…)

  • talk about things happening in and around Berlin

  • present a topic and express an opinion

  • share your thoughts about a newspaper article, a movie or a song

Why is this course your best chance to quickly take your German to the next level?

  • With just up to 6 other students in a group, it gives you enough time to speak every lesson.

  • It’s based on effective communication-based methods.

  • It gives you the confidence you need to hold real life conversations.

  • No hidden costs (like a registration fee)  – the price you see listed is the price you pay!