German Online Course A1

There is only one way to learn to speak a foreign language – start speaking it! All you need is a really small group and an engaged and engaging teacher. Book your lesson today and start speaking from lesson one!

Why take an German Online Course?

If you have a full time job or are already on a busy schedule it can sometimes be hard to find time attending a language course. By taking our Online Course you will despite your busy day be able to train your German and more importantly make steady progress. You will learn in very small groups (max. 6 people) in a relaxed atmoshpere with fun and effective methods.

Is this German course for me?

This course is right for you if you…

  • are on a busy daytime schedule but still want to make steady progress in learning German

  • have no or only little knowledge of German

  • prefer learning in really small groups (max. 7 people)

  • like effective and communication based methods

How much German will I learn?

The course will introduce you to the basics of the German language. The course adheres to the Common European Framework language level A1. and you’ll learn how to…

  • introduce yourself and others

  • make appointments

  • phrase and accept invitations

  • talk to your friends and colleagues about your job and your hobbies

  • order things in a bar, restaurant or cafe

Why is this course your best chance to quickly take your German to the next level?

  • Really small groups (max. 6 people) mean a lot speaking time for you.

  • First class for free!

  • No hidden costs (like a registration fee)  – the price you see listed is the price you pay!